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About Us

At Guroo Producer, we want to help organisations and people reach their full potential through learning.

Our Story

Guroo Producer was founded in 2016, when Josh Humphries, Adam Steff and Daniel Steff left their day jobs to focus on their goal of creating engaging, affordable and transformative learning experiences. With experience across higher education and corporate organisations, they knew there was a better way to create learning.

Setting out to create learning that would help organisations and people reach their full potential, they assembled a team of passionate experts to support them in their quest. Starting from a tiny, Sydney based team with a handful of committed clients, we grew into Asia, the US and Europe, championing eLearning and a new take on learning design with our authoring tool PRODUCER.

PRODUCER is the foundation of all the learning we create. Even now, our learning designers use it every day, just like you do. Built with adaptive learning in mind, it is easy to create eLearning that is engaging and consistent across organisations. To support you, we have the Learning Canvas, a scoping tool to ensure that your learning focuses on solving the right problems. 

In 2020, we launched Academy, a next-generation learning platform that transfers learning into performance outcomes. With a focus on work-integration, action learning and coaching, Academy is the next step for all organisations to achieve workplace change through learning.

Our Mission

Our mission at Guroo Producer is to help organisations and people reach their full potential through learning.

But to do that, we need to embrace a new approach to eLearning. Beyond a computer screen, we need to create a performance-based approach that encompasses complete learning journeys. Our learning journeys are:


Transformational and seek meaningful change


Aligned to business goals and industry needs


Work-integrated and performance-focused


Learner-centred and adaptive to individuals' capability needs


Data & insight-driven


Produced and delivered at scale to a consistently high quality

Transformational learning

Learning can drive real change, allowing learners to reach their full potential and aiding organisations in meeting their goals. However, if this is to happen, we need to shift the perception of eLearning.

Your learning should connect with your learners, be seen as valuable and help them to adopt their new knowledge into their daily life. To do this, we need to focus on what we can do better, strive for improvement and challenge the status quo.

Aligned to Business Goals

To have a real impact and better ROI, learning needs to align with your business goals. As you begin to develop your learning, take the time to consider what you want to achieve as an organisation and the skills you need to promote for this to occur. 

By taking this time, your learning will be focused on the capability gaps and ensure that the learning you build will drive positive outcomes. 

Work-Integrated & Performance Focused

For learning to drive lasting change and improve performance, it needs to be work-integrated. For too long, the focus has merely offered the information, with little thought given to how these new skills can be solidified and transferred into workplace performance.

This transfer of skills is fundamental to achieving learning outcomes.

We focus on giving learners opportunities to practice their skills, both during the learning and afterwards.  Through coaching, we also find ways to encourage and support learners as they implement their new skills into their role. It is only then that a culture of effective learning can occur.

Learner-Centred & Adaptive

The best learning takes individuals into account. With previous knowledge, unique motivations and distinct goals, learners come to every course as people and your learning should address that.

Instead of offering generic and one size fits all eLearning, we believe in taking the time to understand who your learners are, what they want to achieve and how we can support that. This enables us to create modules that support unique learning experiences that drive true engagement.

Data & Insight-Driven Learning

Traditionally, eLearning has focused on a single metric - course completion. But this approach is outdated, limited and even focused on the wrong things. 

Data gives organisations deeper insights into how their learning is performing. Whether your goal relates to business outcomes, course optimisation or growth, we believe it is vital to producing meaningful learning. It encourages a cycle of ongoing improvement, ensuring that the right metrics are being met and promising better outcomes. 

Development at Scale

With the changing world of work, organisations need ways to respond with meaningful learning in record time.
To support this, we developed our software with smart features to streamline production. From tools to run better learner workshops, themes, a content library and even the ability to copy and paste full screens into new modules, our software supports your design process.

Different organisations also have different needs. We work with you to develop a partnership that helps you achieve your goals, whether it is co-design or offering full-service learning design.

Guroo Producer was created from a desire to help people achieve through goals through learning. 

Our work is powered by our collaborative authoring tool PRODUCER and learning platform Academy. Whether it is our work with clients or enabling organisations across corporates, government and education institutions, we champion adaptive learning and meaningful experiences that drive true outcomes for learners and organisations.