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Unlock the power of learning data.

ANALYTICS is an in-depth data streaming and analysis platform that puts control over your data and content at your fingertips.


Analysis and control of your learning, all in one place

Stream seamlessly
Easily manage your learning across multiple LMS from one centralised location, ensuring that you keep control over who has access to your content.

In-depth insights
Get data and insights from every level of your learning, giving you the information that you need to support your learners and make the right decisions for your business.

Data that supports learning
ANALYTICS gives you access to suite of personalised, engaging, data-driven learning interactions that can be delivered on your existing LMS.

stream, license and control your content

Stream learning wherever
it’s needed

Effortlessly distribute your content to any LMS
Track the metrics

Track the metrics
that matter

Measure success that is linked to workplace outcomes

Boost learner

Create learning that is insightful and personal
License and control

License and control
your content

Manage access to your learning from one central hub.

Build better learning experiences with ANALYTICS

With ANALYTICS, you'll have the tools and information you need to build multi-platform, learner-centred experiences.

  • Deliver your learning effortlessly to any platform
  • License your learning content simply and securely
  • Get feedback that lets you address common misconceptions and skill gaps
  • Provide learners with individualised support
  • Understand your learner's mindset with embedded learner feedback
  • Support deeper reflection with response playback
  • Automatically create unique learning plans that meet your learner's specific needs
  • Track the results that mean the most for your business

Analytics Features

From flexible delivery to granular data, ANALYTICS helps you to make your learning clearer, more responsive and more relevant.

Interested in introducing real workplace outcomes with your learning?

Get in touch to discover if ANALYTICS is the right solution for your organisation.

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