Why xAPI?

Whilst eLearning activities have historically generated information about learner interactions, the capacity for an LMS to store and access this data has, until now, been vastly limited to course completion rates and quantitative assessment results. With such restrictions in place, the task of creating engaging and relevant eLearning experiences has been near impossible to achieve. 

Through the introduction of experientialAPI (xAPI) and LRS technology, organisations have the new found capacity to transcend the confines of their LMS, store greater information about their learners and create more personalised and measurable eLearning experiences, capable of facilitating increased user engagement and long-term business impact... and you can do it too!

To find out whether you're ready for data-driven learning, take our readiness assessment and, as an added bonus, we will grant you access to some resources that provide insight into how our clients are currently engaging xAPI and LRS technology to create a more innovative eLearning ecosystem.

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