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Is your learning reaching the people it needs to?

Learning has long since broken free of the traditional confines of the classroom. For workplace training, especially, learning needs to be able to follow the learner and fit in with the commitments of their role. For many workers, that also means that learning has to be able to break away from the desktop and a single-platform learning management system and into a world of multiple platforms.

Experiential learning functions best when it can be combined with a worker’s regular routine, letting workplace experience reinforce and supplement the learning program, but that can be difficult or impossible to accomplish for these remote or deskless workers with material built to be delivered through a traditional LMS.

Roughly 80% of the global workforce are deskless workers, people whose daily routine has them operating on their feet or on the road – and 75% of learners in the workforce report that they access learning away from their desk. Even if your workforce is one that is largely based at a desk, it is still a huge benefit to be able to access training at the learner’s convenience, with 28% of learners saying that they access learning during their commute.


If you want to create learning experiences that can deliver learning where it’s needed, xAPI can help. Unlike older eLearning standards such as SCORM, xAPI isn’t tied to a specific platform. That means that xAPI allows you to deliver learning in a way that is convenient for your learners, whether that’s on a tablet, a phone, through the cloud, or even offline. xAPI can collect results from any or all of these platforms, letting your learners access their courses when and where they need to.

As well as making learning easier to access, xAPI can help you to improve your learning and make sure that it is meeting the needs of your learners. While traditional LMS software can only keep track of your learners’ results and progress, xAPI driven learning can track the ways that your learners interact with their courses, as well as where and how they access the content. This gives you a range of data you can use to analyse your programs and optimise them to meet your learners needs.

If your learners aren’t tied to a desk, then your learning shouldn’t be either. At Guroo, we’re helping companies develop learning that meets the needs of a changing workforce. To find out more about how adaptive learning can benefit your organisation, download our free guide today.

John Rowbottom
28 July 2021 2 Min Read

Discover the benefits of Adaptive learning for your organisation as well as explore the different types and the tips you need to identify which style is best for your learning needs.

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