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Looking back at 2021 - Guroo Producer's year in review

2021 is drawing to a close. Like 2020, this has been an unusual year, with the continuing challenges of covid shifting the ways that we work, learn and socialise. Though sometimes difficult, there have also been some real highlights to the year, and opportunities for transformative change. As we look forwards to 2022, we wanted to take a moment to close out the year by reflecting on what we have achieved in 2021.

Though lockdown presented challenges to our Sydney and Melbourne offices, our flexible work arrangements meant that we were able to keep on trucking more-or-less seamlessly – though our expansion through the year meant some new staff worked for several months before getting to the office - and we had a lot of fun guessing how high everyone was the first time we met them! 

Working with our new advisory board - Catriona Noble, Nick Gonios and Henry Shiner - we have reshaped our strategy and messaging and put in place the foundations for some big  initiatives that will let us scale our impact in 2022 and help organisations to reinvent the way they approach learning.

Through 2021, we have extended our strong and successful partnership with AGSM@UNSW, refining  our entire suite of virtual programs and supporting their world class in-person programs with an equally world class digital journey to enhance the learning experience and increase engagement. We also partnered with AGSM on the delivery of their enterprise-wide leadership academy, delivering a high-quality program in spite of the ongoing challenges of the pandemic.

We’re also helping more people to achieve their learning goals, with program and user numbers both tripling across 2021. Through making it easier to create the upskilling and reskilling journeys that deliver the right skills, we’re making it possible for more organisations than ever to attract, retain and develop the staff they need.

Development on our products never stops, and this year has been no exception. Across 2021, we rolled out new diagnostic and coaching features that our users can incorporate into their learning journeys, giving organisations more information on the performance of their learners and their learning, and giving learners the support they need to succeed.

Even deeper diagnostics will soon be available as we look to incorporate enhanced analytics into PRODUCER and our suite of learning development tools. Offering in-depth insights into every aspect of your learning, alongside support for more dynamic learning journeys and data-driven learning features, ANALYTICS will let you monitor, analyse and control your learning like never before, and will be available to all clients early in 2022.

One challenge that we’ve encountered as we have grown is a need for staff with a deep understanding of learning and the right skillset to help our clients develop the best possible learning programs. This year, we started the Learning Design Graduate Program, a way to help us find talented graduates with the right skills and mindset for learning design, offering a 12-month program to give them hands-on experience in scoping, designing and developing real-world learning. As COO Donna Hanson-Squires says, “Many people don’t realise learning design is a possible career option, and those who are interested often find it difficult to find roles without previous experience. The program allows recent grads, or those reskilling, a chance to see if learning design is a good fit for them, and get the experience they need to get their new career underway.”

Like 2021, 2022 looks set to be a year of challenges and opportunities. Learning and development are more important than ever in helping companies to change and shift to work at their best, whatever the future might bring, and we look forward to helping our clients, old and new, to reinvent their learning in 2022.

Josh Humphries
21 December 2021 2 Min Read

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