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Our Platforms are Getting Even Better

As most of our clients know, we regularly make updates to our PRODUCER and Academy platforms to add new features and improve the functionality and design to facilitate world-class learning experiences.

This week we are thrilled to release a heap of updates and additions to both PRODUCER and Academy, ranging from small tweaks to a few game-changers. Rather than going through them all, we thought we’d share one favourite update from each tool.


In-line editing is here!

One of the most requested features, both from our clients and our in-house learning designers, is the in-line editing functionality in PRODUCER.

Some of you may remember the updates we made last year when we launched the Layout view. With in-line editing, making changes to the text and settings in your eLearning modules will become even easier, saving you time in your development process.

As illustrated in the screenshots below, in-line editing allows you to make changes to your headings, body text and questions without opening an edit box, meaning you can see what your learners will experience as you’re adding text, inserting images/icons or attaching resources like links, documents etc.

We hope you will enjoy this feature as much as our designers do!



Achieve version consistency with Academy Program templates

We know that some of our clients have multiple programs on the go in Academy at any given time. We also know that now and then, new versions of these programs are created as content is updated or new learning cohorts come through.


To support consistency and making it easy to track program versions, we have launched a template function, which allows you to make one of your programs into a template, which will sit in a separate location in the Academy menu from your regular course list. The perks of this include:

  • No need to scroll through all the iterations of a program to find the original. It can be easily located on the Program Template page accessible via the main menu.
  • Working from a master template from which each new iteration of a program is copied helps keep your programs consistent.
  • Keeping a master template prevents you from accidentally overwriting important content.

If you want to learn more about these and other features of PRODUCER and Academy and how they can support your business, we'd love to hear from you. 

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Josh Humphries
6 July 2021 2 Min Read

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