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Welcome Rafael Ward to our Melbourne team

Welcome to the newest member of Guroo's Learning Design team! Rafael is the latest addition to our Melbourne office, and we sat down to talk about his thoughts on learning, development and joining Guroo.

What attracted you to Guroo?

Guroo stood out to me as a company with a strong awareness of the value of people. Not just their staff, but also the importance of placing the learning at the centre of their education through creating inspiring and engaging content.

How has learning had a positive impact on your life?

I've always sought out others to help me learn, and in doing so I've picked up skills I could never have acquired otherwise, especially as they've always challenged me to go outside my comfort zone. Creating learning for others is a constantly rewarding experience for me, as I get to see the growth of other people in real time, and see the results it creates.

What's your Special Skill - and how does it shape what you do?

I can make complex concepts comprehensible for learners of any level - or alternatively, communicate the full complexity of topics for those who want to go deeper. This happens often in something like a chess class, but is just as applicable to writing, English - or anything, really!

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My supportive partner, who helps me to reach my goals, and who needs me to make her breakfast.

Thanks Rafael - we're excited to add you to our learning team!

John Rowbottom
22 September 2021 1 Min Read

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