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William Xu joins the Melbourne team

Welcome to our newest developer, William Xu! William joined our Melbourne office this week, and we sat down to talk to him about his thoughts on learning and what he hopes to bring to the Guroo team.

What attracted you to Guroo?

I like that I'm working on the future of learning - that I'm able to have a positive benefit on society.

How has learning had a positive impact on your life?

Being a software developer, technology and coding standards are constantly shifting. Having the ability to quickly gather information and constantly learn is crucial to the success of a developer and a project. That makes learning something that's very important in my life!

What's your Special Skill - and how does it shape what you do?

Programming is my skill - it's about finding solutions to problems. As developers, we're required to solve different problems every day, and being able to tinker and craft solutions is defining in this line of work.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I like setting goals and working towards them. Knowing that I am moving closer every day keeps me motivated.

Thanks William - we look forwards to working with you to keep moving Guroo forwards!

John Rowbottom
22 September 2021 0 Min Read



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