Vanessa Porter


“Our research involved speaking to leaders in corporate Australia.

They said one of the three dominant problems they are
facing is the sheer quantity and pace of change.

And this left them feeling daunted and frankly, overwhelmed.”

Change overwhelm is resulting in cognitive fog, physical exhaustion and emotional numbness.
This is precisely why we built ChangeFit. ChangeFit builds your mental, physical and emotional capability so that you have cognitive clarity, you are energised and fully present.


Gain profound insights from


Vanessa Porter

Leadership Capability Expert

Vanessa has over 25 years of leadership experience. She is known for clearly articulating strategy, cultivating positive workplace cultures and developing talent to deliver tangible outcomes.


Chris Wilson

Stress Scientist

By using data and the right systems, Chris drives the development of the physical, mental and emotional capacity of people with the ultimate goal of improving their performance.

What you will get

This program will give you practical strategies, tools and techniques to build a team that can thrive in an ever-changing environment. It will allow those who have gone through change overwhelm to be as productive as possible and maximise their output.

Leadership Modules


Communicate through engaging and compelling stories so that the vision is achieved


Create an environment that enhances clarity, focus and attention


Improve resilience so you recover from setbacks and own change


Have a positive mindset and confidence in the results

Team Member Modules


Ability to rapidly reset and move forward


Optimism and confidence in your own ability


Raised energy and laser focused clarity

Why invest now?

Never has there been a better time to build the capability and capacity so you have the best talent now and in the future. So you deliver on your promise to your stakeholders and shareholders. Specifically:

  • Top talent leads your organisation’s growth
  • Enables you to deliver on your strategy and achieve the high value goals
  • Gives you a competitive advantage

Delivered to suit your organisation's needs



A series of curated masterclasses



Perfect blend between face-to-face interactions and online learning


100% online learning

Self-paced online modules


Guroo Producer

The learning design platform used to build this program, PRODUCER, has been specifically developed to allow organisations turn expertise into action. Additionally, it bridges the gap between theory and practice to create truly transformative partnerships between educators, experts and industry.

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