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Personalised Learner Pathways

As a people leader you know that every learner is different, with unique learning styles, capabilities and challenges. You also understand that eLearning based on the “powerpoint era, back-next” paradigm simply doesn’t deliver the unique experiences, support or engagement each person needs to succeed and perform. That’s why personalised, adaptive learning experiences in the workplace are so critical.

And this is where we come in. At Guroo Producer, our priority is producing personalised learning! We do this by bringing together the right mix of  learning design expertise and adaptive learning technology.

What does this mean for you? It not only enables you to deliver powerful, personalised learner pathways that adapt to your people’s capabilities, roles and requirements, but it also removes the need for custom content development, which ensures that every project we deliver is agile and affordable. Are you ready to partner with us to produce personalised learning magic?

Business Solutions

Work-Integrated Leadership Program

Work-Integrated Leadership Programs

Many companies don’t see the return on their training investment because employees don’t make the jump from learning into behaviour change. By creating work-integrated learning journeys, we support the learner as they practice their new skills on the job.
Learning one Bite at a time

Microlearning Journeys

Microlearning is a hot topic in the learning and development world, but you can’t change the world in five minutes. Our microlearning journeys incorporate a number of learning bites, including interactive, scenario-based activities, which are spaced out over a period of time to allow time for practice and reflection in between bites.


Frontline Management Training

Frontline managers put your strategy into action, but they are also have many competing priorities with pressure from senior leadership and their teams. At Guroo Producer we create frontline management training that is action orientated and focused on practical outcomes that busy managers can apply straight away to ensure their team, and your business is operating at peak performance.

Change Management

Change Management and Initiatives

In today’s business environment change is happening at an ever increasing pace. The advent of new technology, organisational structures, business models and got-to-market strategies not only means your people need more support, they need learning focused on more complex higher order skills for. You also need your learning produced and delivered just-in-time. Our agile design approach and adaptive learning  experiences means you can deliver engaging, personalized learning quickly, ensuring your business plans are implemented smoothly and deliver results quickly.

Onboarding and Induction
Engaged and Work-Ready employees

Onboarding and Induction

Joining a new organisation can be overwhelming - trying to get your head around your job role as well as all the new policies and procedures. Our on boarding and induction programs set your new employees up for their role by presenting a learning journey that gives them what they need at the exactly the right time.

Corporate Event Storytelling
Keep the momentum going

Corporate Event Storytelling

No matter how incredible your event is, as attendees get back into their day-to-day life, the energy and motivation they felt on the day is quickly forgotten. Our Event Storytelling drives deeper engagement post-event, and greater retention of information. During your event, we'll capture the key messages and take-aways in a creative, visual style which is sure to inspire and motivate. We then use these images, along with your event messaging to develop an interactive digital experience that you can use to re-energise your attendees and drive behaviour change.

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Stop Wasting Employees Time

Personalised Compliance

We know that compliance is important to your organisation, but why force your employees to click through the same learning, year in, year out? With Guroo Producer's personalised compliance learning, your employees can test their knowledge upfront, then focus on filling any gaps and covering recent changes. Learning can be tailored by role, meaning people only get what they need, saving you time and money.

Experience it Yourself!
Product and Sales Training
Engaging Scenario-Based

Product and Sales Training

Product and sales training fails when employees don't have the support to apply their new knowledge in their role. Our scenario-based product and sales training incorporates interactive activities such as customer conversations and system simulations to set your team up for success. These occur in a safe learning environment and promote behavioural change through the active learning model of exploration, application and critical reflection.

Learning & Development Solutions

Interactive Videos
Turn Stories into embedded practice

Interactive Videos & Stories

In the digital age, video presentations, case studies and stories are a favoured medium of learners. However, the passive nature of most video content means that learners struggle to maintain attention and retain take away messages. Guroo Producer's Interactive Videos incorporate applied activities supported by carefully designed, captivating video scenarios or instructional videos, therefore increasing participation rates and engaging your learner more effectively.

Contextualised and embedded resources with

Curated Learning Pathways

Your people want learning that speaks to them, but creating multiple versions to cater to different roles, capabilities and requirements can be expensive and time consuming. Our personalised journeys enable you to deliver powerful learner pathways that adapt to your people's needs. It also removes the need for custom content development, which ensures that every project we deliver is agile and affordable.

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Blended Digital Workbook
Deliver a Seamless Learning Journey

Blended Digital Workbooks

Blended learning is highly effective, but often learners are faced with a confusing learning journey, and don't know what needs to be completed when. Bring together the power of engaging eLearning with the effectiveness of face-to-face, problem-based learning to create exciting, blended, active learning course offerings that are saleable, flexible and engaging. Digital workbooks combine your face-to-face learning, coaching and work-integrated learning into one seamless learner experience.

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xAPI Learning Ecosystems and Analytics
Keep the Momentum Going

xAPI Learning Ecosystems and Analytics

Too many organisations are constrained by what their Learning Management System (LMS) can do. By creating a learning ecosystem with xAPI, you can truly personalise your learning for your people, collect business insights, and create targeted learning. Best of all, your learners aren't stuck inside your LMS. You can take learning to them, wherever they are.

Create Your Ecosystem!

Help us help you

Learning Design Partnerships

For many companies it is not sustainable to outsource your learning design at scale. We offer flexible partnership models to enable you to get started quickly. Our outsourced services transition to your internal resources while uplifting their capability through our learning design technology and a co-design and coaching partnership.

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Learner Engagement

At Guroo Producer, our learning design experts use evidence-based, active learning approaches that engage and deliver personalised reflective experiences across online, blended and work-integrated learning. With our expertise and technology, you can now deliver affordable and intelligent experiences that are insightful and adaptive to every learner’s needs, device and learning mode.



Our learning experiences engage every user by allowing them to make decisions that align with your business objectives, and then see the consequences of their individual choices. This is a critical component in the reflection process of experiential learning. When your people reflect, they’ll learn more effectively.

Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics

Our learning solutions incorporate valuable performance metrics and indicators that increase and decrease directly in relation to your your learners’ capabilities, from poor practice choices right through to best practice choices. This is especially useful in compliance modules.

Personalised Feedback

Personalised Feedback

Critical to the active learning model is providing adaptive feedback on each choice your learner makes. Feedback is first presented at a summary level, with your learners being directed to the resource toolbox for more detailed information, such as process documentation, where they can explore a topic until they are ready to move on.

Emotional response

Emotional response

Our learning design experts and illustrators have created a comprehensive library of nuanced, relatable character responses that effectively convey a broad range of emotions in your learning scenarios. This mechanism is a proven, successful method of promoting learner engagement and real behavioural change.



Human beings are driven by competition and rewards. Our learning design experts have created a highly effective gamification technique that incorporates achievements and badges; these not only emphasise critical steps in a process or scenario, but ensure your learners stay engaged, focused and motivated to improve.

Individual Reviews

Individual Reviews

Learners respond to – and deserve – personalised, individual reviews. Our adaptive learning engine collects and collates data during each challenge or decision, and at the end of each learning bite, every learner will receive a summary of their performance, allowing them to reflect, and where necessary, develop better strategies to succeed.