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Kleu - ‘Emotional Fitness’ Design and Authoring Experience

Kleu is dedicated to recruiting, developing and engaging front-line employees in order to facilitate a more positive customer experience that translates into measurable improvements to the corporate bottom line.

Through a people-centric approach, Kleu seek to create engagement among key stakeholders by providing them with the tools necessary to improve their emotional intelligence (EI). In doing so, employees are empowered to enhance their customer service skills, subsequently boosting internal productivity and the performance of front-line recruits.

In order to bring their learning to life, Kleu became a licensee of Guroo ProducerTM, enabling them to create an engaging, personalised eLearning program that effectively communicated their key messages to learners.



Having designed a clear strategy for delivering a program that would boost the service skills and performance of employees, Kleu were in search of an uncomplicated authoring tool capable of framing their content and generating measurable results for their clients.


Program Requirements

By becoming a licensee of Guroo ProducerTM, Kleu were capable of delivering a professional eLearning program for market sale that was self-paced, visually engaging and did not require advanced technical or design skills to develop.

In order to deploy the program online and collect, segregate and secure sensitive data, Kleu engaged our xAPI hosting cloud individually for each of their clients. Leveraging the latest data collection technology, the xAPI cloud enabled the tracking of all user experiences within the program interface, improving the reporting capacity of each organisation.


Goals & Objectives:


Licensing Outcomes

  • Simple to use software that supports a number of programmatic features
  • Reduce reliance on internal resources, no need to outsource program development
  • Integrate video, resources and characters to improve engagement
  • Agile production experience that improves the speed of delivery
  • Access to a project management tool
  • xAPI compatible, measurable programs
  • Curated learning pathways and virtual coaching

Hosting Requirements

  • Access to a simple, cloud based hosting service that supports program deployment in the online sphere
  • Simple interface that isn’t going to overwhelm learners
  • Enhanced results tracking allowing for improved analysis
  • Stored, accessible insights

Kleu's licensing journey:


Having formulated a business model which harnesses the power of eLearning combined with Kleu’s unique approach towards developing the emotional intelligence of corporate front-line employees, the organisation were in search of a product or service to bring their program to life. Offering a DIY production approach, Kleu became licensees of Guroo ProducerTM.

With it’s inbuilt beauty and intelligent design magic, PRODUCER eliminated the need for Kleu to outsource or exhaust internal resources by removing complex production elements such as layering and triggers, granting them additional time to spend scripting content. The simplistic user interface and agile software capabilities empowered Kleu to develop their program quickly within an established time frame, while the softwares duplication features allowed them to reproduce and recontextualise the program with minimal rework to suit the specific needs of their clients.


Program Features:


The ‘Emotional fitness’ program incorporated
an array of features intended to boost engagement and measure learner experiences to inform client strategies moving forward. These include;

  • Videos and Illustrations
  • Virtual coaching
  • Embedded resources
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Personalised responses
  • Assessments
  • Digital workbook

xAPI Hosting:


In addition to licensing, Kleu engaged Guroo’s Academy platform to deploy the program across multiple organisations. Each activity was designed to be completed in under 15 minutes, and daily reminders kept participants on track to ensure that they were using the program daily.

The unique and engaging nature of the program supported and LMS-free deployment, while xAPI cloud hosting allowed progress to be tracked.




Kleu developed their project over a 6-month period using our design and authoring tool. The program comprised of 60 learning experiences, 117 videos, 49 coaching scenarios, 22 workplace activities and 38 learning activities. Since its development, ‘Emotional Fitness’ has been successfully implemented by a number of large corporate clients across the banking, finance and government sectors. Despite all participation being voluntary, Kleu noted high initial engagement rates of over 90%, with 45% of individuals engaging the program outside of work hours. Additionally, results reflected a 75% completion rate over the 19 week program, with 50% of non-completion having been caused by staff attrition. Kleu are now working on their second version of the program.

  • Over 30% completed their learning using a mobile device
  • Improved customer feedback and sales conversion rates
  • Participants felt more emotionally fit and better connected with others
  • 50% reduction in employee attrition and unplanned leave
  • 78% found scenarios, metrics, and feedback helpful in developing their behaviour


Donna Hanson-Squires
14 April 2021 0 Min Read

Kleu created a learning journey that kept the goals, motivations and time constraints of their leaners at the centre of their approach.

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