Capture the Magic of Your Event

You’ve just held an incredible event. Your audience walk out of the room inspired and driven. Unfortunately, as they get back into their day-to-day life, the energy and motivation they felt on the day is quickly forgotten. Until now...

Explain Storytelling

Keep Your Attendees' Momentum Going

What is Event Storytelling?

Event Storytelling drives deeper engagement post-event, and greater retention of information covered.

During your event, we’ll capture the key messages and take-aways in a creative, visual style which is sure to inspire and motivate. We then use these images, along with your event messaging to develop an interactive digital experience that you can use to re-energise your attendees and drive behaviour change. This interactive digital experience is available one to two weeks after your event.

Perfect for Your Event

Event Storytelling is suitable for all kinds of events, including:

      • University Alumni Events
      • Industry Forums
      • Meet Ups and Networking Events
      • Corporate Planning Workshops and Strategy Days
      • Conferences and Panels

Tell the Story of Your Event

Event Storytelling not only captures the magic on the day, but keeps your attendees engaged afterwards. Your reusable digital experience tells the story of your event, and allows you to integrate additional learning and/or resources. You can also collect data on attendee engagement, helping you understand which parts of the event they found most valuable.


      • Capture your event in a creative, visual style
      • Increase retention of your event messaging
      • Re-energise your attendees after the event and drive behaviour change
      • Integrate additional learning and resources
      • Interactive digital experience available 1-2 weeks after your event

Partnership is paramount to success

We deliver this solution in partnership with Paul Telling from the The Visual Storytellers. Paul provides the live scribing and we create the digital experience.

Case Study

AGSM Alumni Refresher: Digital Leadership in an Accelerated World

AGSM-Digital-Leadership_ExampleThe Challenge

To increase post event engagement with participants and sustain momentum after the Australian Graduate School of Management’s ‘Digital Leadership in an Accelerated World’ alumni refresher conference.

The conference focused on characteristics of digital leadership and how to lead within this environment. Participants heard from a panel of experts sharing their insights and were involved in a masterclass featuring case studies and discussions that unpacked the numerous concepts covered.

The Solution

Guroo Producer created a digital story and recount of the conference that was sent to participants post event. Our Learning Designers and Visual Storytelling and Illustration Trainer, Paul Telling, captured key concepts, insights and learnings and participant questions and discussions at the conference.

We refined and integrated both elements (captured content and illustrated whiteboards) to create a contextualised and visually illustrated account of the day’s events for participants. Participants have the opportunity to use this value-added resource to reflect upon and refresh their understanding of the conference key takeaways at any date, which they can also share with their colleagues and teams.