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Thinking about reinventing your learning?


Solve the right problems with your learning

The LEARNING CANVAS is an in-depth scoping tool that helps you design the right program every time


Build learning that's focussed on what you need to succeed

To create learning that will meet your organisations goals, you need to have a clear view of how to bridge the gap between your learners, their skills, and your organisation's needs.

LEARNING CANVAS is a scoping tool that lets you clearly identify the needs and goals of your organisation, and to build a learning journey that will equip your learners with the skills and behaviours they need to meet those needs.

With LEARNING CANVAS, you'll have the tools and the vision you need to create engaging and effective learning journeys that help to drive organisational success.

Solve the right problems

Solve the
right problems

Develop a vision for
learning and organisational improvement
Understand your learner's needs

Understand your
learner's needs

Identify skill gaps and build learning journeys that drive real change
Align your stakeholders

Align your

Clear program definitions and requirements keep everyone one the same page
Map the Learning Journey

Map the
Learning Journey

Identify required activities for online, blended and face-to-face programs

How does the LEARNING CANVAS help you to create more effective Learning Journeys?

The LEARNING CANVAS is designed to get your stakeholders aligned to your project goals and focused on learners right from the start.

  • Easily map program goals and objectives
  • Determine the abilities and key performance indicators learners will develop
  • Identify your learners and their needs with Learner Personas
  • Coordinate your developers, designers and stakeholders
  • Plan the right activity to support each step of the learning journey
  • Build a library of required information
  • Export your Canvas as a detailed scoping document





From start to finish, LEARNING CANVAS gives you the tools you need to build learning programs that meet the needs of your organisation.

Looking to get the best possible start in designing your learning programs?

Get in touch and find out what the LEARNING CANVAS can do for you.

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