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Get started with the Learning Canvas

The Learning Canvas is an online instructional design and training needs analysis tool that helps you to get to the heart of your learning, making it simple to identify the needs of your learners and your organisation and design a detailed plan and learning journey to ensure you deliver results.

Get the best start to your learning - Start scoping like a pro for free and design the right program every time with the LEARNING CANVAS.

Get started with the Learning Canvas

Is your learning delivering consistent results?

THE LEARNING CANVAS is designed to help you collaboratively identify the core purpose, of your learning, dig deeper into your learner's and stakeholder's needs and motivation and then craft a learning journey that will both engage and deliver results.

  • Identify goals and objectives
  • Create learner and stakeholder personas
  • Capture requirements
  • Craft detailed learning journeys
  • Plan your learning analytics
  • Create a capability matrix
  • Share your design

The Learning Canvas is free, forever

Get access to the Learning Canvas and start scoping better learning today

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Key Features

Identify goals
Create personas
Map journeys
Add analytics
Identify goals

Clearly identify your learning goals and objectives


The Learning Canvas ensures that your learning contributes to your business goals, helping you to identify the needs of your organisation and the learning outcomes that will support them and ensuring that you start developing your learning from a solid foundation.


Solve the right problems

Start your design with a vision for your learning program


Capture learning objectives

Identify the learning objectives for your program and map these to more granular capabilities


Map a capability matrix

Map your learning objectives to the learning journey to create a matrix of required capabilities

Create personas

Start with empathy by building learner and stakeholder personas


Before you can create effective learning, you need to understand your learners. The Learning Canvas helps you to create detailed Learner and Stakeholder personas, making sure that your learning is tailored to your audience and their specific learning needs.


Reach the right people

Create learning that's tailored to the needs of your learners


Align your stakeholders

Identify the drivers of success across your organisation by identifying the needs of important stakeholders


Engage your learners

Design more successful learning by tapping into the motivations of your learners

Map journeys

Develop a clear map for your learning journey


Successful learning is not just a moment. The Learning Canvas journey mapper helps you map the complete learning experience through all phases - from awareness through to refreshers and evaluation.


Build a complete learning plan

Map out all the learning activities in your journey, including communications, onboarding, elearning, virtual and in-person sessions.


Identify key resources

Build a library of required information and knowledge that supports your learning


Plan learning time

The Learning Canvas will help you plan the expected learning time across your different phases, streams and learning modes.


Start with everyone on the same page


As you progress through the Learning Canvas, you are guided step-by-step to identify the needs, requirements and key elements of your program, with workshop integration that makes your notes and decisions easily visible as you complete the canvas.


Coordinate your teams

Clearly define roles and responsibilities within your project


Capture workshop outcomes

The Learning Canvas notes view helps you capture workshop outcomes quickly and in real time


Communicate clearly from day one

Keep your goals top-of-mind with workshop results visible throughout the design and development process

Add analytics

Prepare for learning analytics, right from the start


The Learning Canvas helps you plan for the analytics you’ll need to track the effectiveness of your learning, identifying the data and processes that will let you monitor your program, gauge its success, and plan for improvement.


Identify key metrics

Identify how and where you will measure your program's success


Create a learning data plan

Plan from the start and put data in the flow of learning


Future-proof your learning

Capture and monitor the data you need to support continuous improvement


Share your canvas for feedback

Canvas Example Share

Once your canvas is complete you can seamlessly export your work to PRODUCER, giving you a clear framework to build from as you continue to develop your learning program.


Give access to reviewers

Share and gather feedback on your canvas with unlimited guest users


Export for easy distribution

Easily export your completed canvas to Word and PDF to share across your organisation


Build from a strong foundation

The work you have done on your canvas carries seamlessly into PRODUCER as you continue to develop your learning program

Canvas Example Share



Tracey Flynn

Head of Business Development | AGSM Executive Education

"Using Guroo Producer's Learning Canvas ensures we align our client's business goals with the learner's needs and motivations. It is an easy to follow structure that ensures we capture the information we need to create programs that deliver results."

The Learning Canvas is free, forever

Get access to the Learning Canvas and start scoping better learning today


Is the Learning Canvas free?

Yes, you can create a Learning Canvas account free and start scoping your next learning program today.

Will the Learning Canvas always be free?

Yes, the Learning Canvas is free, forever.

How many projects can I create?

Your free version of the Learning Canvas will allow you to create up to 50 programs.

How many users can I have in my team?

Your free Learning Canvas account can include up to 10 team members, and unlimited guest access.

Can I unlock more users and programs?

Upgrading to the Producer Suite will enable you to create unlimited programs, and add more members to your teams - click here for more information on Producer Suite pricing.