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PRODUCER is not just an authoring tool, it’s your end to end, collaborative learning design platform. Analyse, scope, design and build engaging blended and self-paced eLearning that delivers results.

Producer Cycle
The Ultimate

Learning Design Tool

PRODUCER is your first choice when it comes to learning design, with inbuilt smarts and beauty, PRODUCER lets you focus on what you do best - designing learning journeys. Learning Designers from novice to experienced can create professional learning programs consistently and at scale using our library of pre-developed templates, designs and assets.

Our simple to use script-based user interface optimises the production lifecycle, allowing users to spend more time writing and creating engaging, personalised, learner-centric journeys.

Are you ready to deliver better learning faster?

Personalised learning pathways

Personalised learning pathways

Adaptive Learner-solutions that improve engagement.

Realtime agile collaboration

Boost productivity by collaborating in real-time and working agile.
Deliver better learning faster

Deliver better learning faster

Scope, script and produce learning experiences in days not months.
Magically turn your script into eLearning

Magically turn your script into eLearning

Inbuilt smarts magically convert words into learning.

Other Features

PRODUCER is designed by learning designers, for learning designers. With its end-to-end design capabilities, PRODUCER supports every aspect of the learning design process from scoping, building learner personas, and outlining, to scripting, reviewing and publishing. Unlike other authoring tools PRODUCER removes the complex parts of content development (like triggers and layers) and converts your script straight into an adaptive, responsive, beautiful learning experience, saving you time, money and pain.

End-to-end learning design

End-to-end learning design

Easy to use – Just script

Easy to use – just script

Extensive Asset Libraries

Extensive asset libraries


xAPI, SCORM + more

“The ability to measure success of the project through xAPI and LRS technology has helped our coaches personalise their follow up and give our Store Managers the support they need.”

Clay Shearan
Learning Designer | Woolworths Group

“The workshops and digital experiences complemented each other to produce excellent results for learners whom were able to develop both their practical capabilities and functional skills”

Alex McMahon
Retail Training and Engagement Manager | Caltex

“Using PRODUCER, we were able to bring our learning to life. The simple user interface reduced our reliance on external vendors, allowing us to create an engaging learning experience that was truly our own.”

Martin Greenless
Learning Solution Director | Future People

“The Guroo team were extremely responsive and as an academic it was great to be able to engage with a team of people who work quickly and professionally to produce an educational tool of very high quality.”

Debbie Jeffery
Associate Lecturer | Accounting, School of Business

PRODUCER Explained

PRODUCER combines learning needs analysis, content authoring and agile project management tools to support the complete production lifecycle.

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Start by being outcome focused, and learner-centred

The Program Design Canvas is a powerful tool that gets the design team focused on your learners and their outcomes. Use the canvas to identify the program goals and required objectives and capabilities, and build personas to understand your learners and what they need from the program. Integrate self-paced, face-to-face, project-based learning and assessments, to make blended programs that fully align to your learners’ needs.

  • Align organisation goals to objectives and capabilities
  • Build learner-centred personas that are linked to the design
  • Create blended programs and learner journeys
  • Easily share your program design – online, PDF, or Word
Outline & Flow View

Map out and structure your program

Throw away the storyboards – the Outline and Flow Views allow you to scope out and structure your learning experiences. Create effective, adaptive learning using different screen types, such as conversation, scroll, video, and interactive diagrams. Let your team know what you are thinking about including on each screen and get buy in before you start scripting. Using the Outline View you can establish a solid learning framework that directly reflects your high-level design in your Learning Canvas.

  • Outline each screen and align to the learners’ required capabilities
  • Easily share your outlines (online, PDF, or Word)
  • Structure personalised learning pathways
  • Use a variety of screen types to help you create effective learning

Produce an instant prototype of your vision

Avoid the confusion by instantly turning your outline into a sharable prototype. Your outline gets instantly combined with sample screen content and your chosen theme to create an interactive prototype that ensures your stakeholders know exactly what you are planning, and what your learner’s experience will be like. This means they and can give you feedback before you start scripting in detail, saving you time and ensuring your keep everyones expectations aligned.

  • Create an interactive prototype form your outline
  • Share your vision with your stakeholders early
  • Use your final theme or our handy wireframe theme
  • Enable agile development through prototyping
Script & Preview

Focus on the content and let PRODUCER do the rest

Script-based authoring and the intuitive user interface will bring your learning to life. Start with blank screens or use our library of templates. Enhance concepts with integrated video, and check comprehension with multiple question types. Add images and resources by uploading them directly to PRODUCER. You can add, edit and delete your content on the fly, and even copy or move content from other programs. Click preview and your script gets magically combined with your chosen theme and turned into an adaptive, personalised learning experience. No complicated triggers, layers or variables - you write and PRODUCER does the rest. 

  • Script-based authoring with a variety of screens, content and question types
  • No complex triggers, layers or variables
  • Smart dynamic objects that are easily edited, copied or moved
  • Automatically saves as you go – no lost work!
  • Instantly preview and share your learning at any time

Manage who can review, comment and edit the program

Invite anyone to view the program in PRODUCER, and easily set permissions and decide who can edit and comment. Receive feedback from reviewers and subject matter experts, creating a seamless process of moving from alpha to final review.

  • Manage your collaborative review process
  • Set permissions so reviewers can view, comment or edit
  • Manage your notifications, and easily action and close comments
Publish & Share

Publish at any time and share with ease

Whether you’ve just put together a couple of sample screens, or finished off a rich and engaging program, you can publish your work and share via a link that can be pasted into any web browser. Package the final product with a click of a button, as either SCORM 1.2, xAPI, SCORM + xAPI, or a Web Object.

  • Publish your learning via share link
  • SCORM 1.2 
  • xAPI
  • Web Object

Gain improved Insights about the choices your learner makes

Access learner data using xAPI and an Learning Records System (LRS) via your chosen analytics platform. Pair learner responses with a graphing tool and determine the efficacy of the program. Track important capability requirements and see completion rates, scores, individual KPI metrics, responses to individual questions, and the favoured best practice choices.

  • Use xAPi and an LRS for analytics
  • Tracking is automatically enabled on any compatible LMS

Access different libraries to enhance your learning

Define the look and feel of your programs with the Guroo Asset Library. Pre-made characters, icons, backgrounds, and themes can be applied to programs with ease. Employ our graphic design services to create custom avatars of people and facilitators in your organisation. You can view, add, and remove assets directly on the Asset screen, and modify the program themes to change colours, logos, and copyright information.

  • Asset library includes characters, icons, backgrounds, themes, images, stock, team or  project level
  • Add your own custom assets or use our graphic design services
Project Management

Assign and manage different roles across multiple programs

Form a project team and add designers and reviewers with a simple email invite. View all your programs at once on the Overview screen and use the Progress View to see development stages, including what’s in review, changes being made, and completed screens.

  • Allows for agile project management
  • See an overview of all projects or use Progress view to see development stages

Work together to create memorable learning experiences

Collaborate in person or remotely with PRODUCER. Proofread and edit content or assign tasks to specific members using Comments. Share content and assets such as images and videos across projects to reduce the workload. Develop a single theme to reflect your brand across multiple programs.

  • Collaborative authoring
  • Share content and assets across multiple programs

Other Key Features Capabilities

Choose or assign a role

Producer, editor, reviewer, viewer

Multiple question types

Assessed, formative, reflective

DIY reusable content

Documents, diagrams, links, videos

Personalised, adaptive learning

Adaptive feedback, multi-path and personalised learning

Established asset libraries

Characters, backgrounds, icons, graphics, themes


Multiple language versions in one published file

Over 25 screen layouts

5 title, 8 tabs, 8 scrolling, 2 sliders, conversation, video, accordion, hotspot & more

Track learning outcomes

Badges, achievements, simple scoring, performance metrics, self-assessments


Published experiences are WCAG 2.0 AA compliant (with a similarly compliant theme applied)

Questions and interactions

Multiple/conversation/audio choice, ordering, matching, short response

Publishing and sharing options

SCORM 1.2, xAPI, SCORM 1.2 + xAPI, Word/PDF, Share link and web object

Responsive design

Desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone

Frequently asked questions

What skills do I need?

Just the ability to write learning content. You don't need any advanced technical skills or design knowledge.

What kind of content can I produce?

PRODUCER’s interactive learning experiences allow you to create scenario-based learning, coaching aids, adaptive and personalised learning, assessments and quizzes, digital workbooks, and micro-learning, just to name a few.

Do I need any software/equipment to use PRODUCER?

No, PRODUCER is a cloud-based application and all you need is a browser and the internet!

Can I add other users or team members?

Yes, PRODUCER is designed to support collaboration among teams. You can purchase as many licenses as you need.

Can I add my own design assets?

Of course! You can add your own themes, backgrounds, characters, icons and graphics to PRODUCER's asset library, and re-use them whenever you need.

What format can I publish my content in?

SCORM, xAPI, SCORM 1.2 + xAPI, Web object, share link, word/pdf.

What LMS's do you support?

Published modules will work on any SCORM 1.2 or xAPI compliant LMS.

Can my learners access the program on a phone?

Yes, all of our published learning experiences and programs are mobile responsive.

Do I need to learn how to code?

No. PRODUCER is equipped with libraries of pre-developed design templates and screen types. Just choose how you want your program to look and PRODUCER will magically do the rest.

Can I add video?

Absolutely! You can add in video as an embedded mp4, or a streamed video from YouTube or Vimeo. You can also add documents, links and other resources for your learners to refer to throughout their learning.

What about triggers, layers, and actions?

We don’t have them! PRODUCER lays out all content in a simple, easy-to-use interface and the publishing engine will do the rest for you!

Can I use my own branding?

Of course! You can create your own themes, add in your own logos, images, backgrounds to make your learning truly yours. You can even start with one of our prebuilt learning experiences and then add your own theme and personalise the content to suit your organisation.

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