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Scope. Design. Produce.

PRODUCER is a collaborative authoring tool that helps you plan, design and create engaging and adaptive eLearning courses.   

Deliver Better Learning Faster with Producer.

PRODUCER is your first choice when it comes to eLearning software. With inbuilt smarts and beauty, PRODUCER helps you quickly create professional interactive learning courses, consistently and at scale.

More than an authoring tool, PRODUCER supports you and your team throughout the entire learning design process - helping you scope, design and build engaging digital and blended learning that delivers results.

What makes PRODUCER the right choice for building effective eLearning?

The learning you will create with PRODUCER is both adaptive and experiential. Why? Because every learner is unique, and people learn by doing, exploring, feedback and reflection. So we have built in the features that enable you to not only present information in a beautiful and engaging way, but to also develop and transfer behaviours and skills into real world practices.

What type of learning can I create with PRODUCER?

With PRODUCER’s focus on the transfer of learning into practice you can create courses for everyone, from university students, to frontline employees and all the way up to executives.

Scope like a Pro and build the right program, every time.

PRODUCER's unique set of scoping tools means the eLearning you build is aligned to your target outcomes and the motivations of your learners.

It starts with The Learning Canvas, a powerful inclusion in our authoring tool that gets your stakeholders aligned to outcomes and focused on your learners. Using the canvas you identify the course goals and map required capabilities, build learner personas and capture requirements and source materials.


Author Quickly and Consistently

With PRODUCER’s unique toolset your whole team will be able to develop engaging eLearning quickly and know no matter who creates it every learner gets a consistent on brand experience.

Work as an agile team


Unlimited Collaboration

Our plans come with unlimited guests because great learning is created by teams and we want you to get the most out of PRODUCER.


Flexible roles 

Work better together with four flexible roles - producer, editor, reviewer and viewer.


Manage Reviews and Text Edits

Use our preview and commenting feature to manage reviews or assign the editor role to let trusted stakeholders safely make minor text edits.


Keep track with the Agile Board

The agile board enables you to keep track of your project with ease. Simply drag each screen through the swim lanes until you're signed off and ready to share your learning.


Share Anywhere

With PRODUCER you can publish to a range of flexible modern outputs.


Share to Your LMS

Publish to SCORM and load to your Learning Management System.



Export a web copy or create a share link for the web.


Publish with xAPI

Publish as xAPI to get deeper analytics on your Learning Record System.


Guroo Academy

No LMS? Share your program on our Guroo Academy to get deeper data insights and blend your learning with coaching and action learning .