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The Producer Suite


A complete toolset to help you scope, design and optimise your learning

The Producer Suite brings together the tools that you need to take control of your learning design at every stage, from scoping to development to analysis and refinement. With the Producer Suite, you can identify the learning needs of your organisation, build tailored, professional learning solutions, and monitor their performance, with an end-to-end toolset that puts control of your projects at your fingertips.

With built-in agile workflows and tools to help you identify and support key stakeholders, the Producer Suite makes it easy to align your teams and create the learning that’s just right for your organisation.


Support for every stage of learning development

One set of tools that supports you from planning to design to optimisation
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Easily track and manage your projects

Built in tools that support agile methodologies throughout the design process

Unlock the power of your learning data

Powerful analytics and support for data-driven learning and adaptive learning journeys

Engage your learners, wherever they are

Create beautiful, personalised learning experiences that work on any device

Scope with the Learning Canvas

Identify your needs
Build learner profiles
Gather information
Plan your learning
Identify your needs

Start from the right foundation

With the learning canvas, you’re supported step-by-step as you identify the needs and goals of your organisation and plan a learning journey that will equip your learners with the skills they need to meet those needs.

Build learner profiles

Address the needs of your learners

Built-in Learner Persona templates guide you as you develop a picture of your learner’s goals, motivations and barriers, ensuring that you develop a learning plan that is right for the specific needs of your learners.

Gather information

Easily manage and utilise your information

The learning canvas makes it simple to manage the information you gather. With the learning canvas, you can link learner personas with course elements, track and manage teams and key stakeholders, and build a library of required information, all in one place.

Plan your learning

Build a clear learning framework

Once you have completed your learning canvas, you’ll have a blueprint for your learning design that you can build from as you develop and build your learning, which can be easily exported and shared with your team or carried forwards into PRODUCER to keep your project moving.

Design with PRODUCER

Develop faster
Personalise learning
Manage teams
Customise content
Develop faster

Easily design and build professional quality digital learning

PRODUCER is built to help you develop engaging, effective learning quickly and easily. With an easy to use interface, built-in templates and a powerful theme editor, PRODUCER makes it simple to create professional interactive learning courses, consistently and at scale.

Personalise learning

Adaptive learning delivers personalised experiences to your learners

With support for adaptive learning, PRODUCER allows you to create learning that is more flexible, more engaging, and more relevant to the needs of the user, backed by action learning techniques that transfer behaviours and skills into real world practices.

Manage teams

Collaborate easily across teams with flexible roles

PRODUCER makes team management easy, with four flexible user roles - producer, editor, reviewer and viewer. A built-in agile board put you in control of your project and supports rapid development, keeping development moving.

Customise content

Access and customise a library of pre-built content

To make learning development quicker and easier, PRODUCER includes a library of some of the most common eLearning programs, including compliance, sales and people skills, that can be easily re-themed and contextualised to your organisation.

Interpret with ANALYTICS

Cross-platform data
Detailed feedback
Clear reporting
Real-world impact
Cross-platform data

Get the insights you need without changing LMS

With ANALYTICS, you don’t need to change LMS to get access to in-depth data and analysis, with suite of personalised, engaging, data-driven learning interactions that can be delivered on your existing LMS.

Detailed feedback

In-depth information on every level of your learning

ANALYTICS can provide information on every step of the learning journey, letting you quickly identify capability gaps and common misconceptions, easily identifying opportunities to improve your learning to meet your learner's needs.

Clear reporting

Manage the performance of your learning with easy to understand reports and dashboards

Get access to the information you need with a range of customisable, easy to use dashboards that give you real-time insight into the performance of your learners and your learning, keeping you up to date and in control.

Real-world impact

Monitor the metrics that matter with performance-linked KPIs

ANALYTICS allows you to link learning with the key performance indicators that matter the most to your business, letting you track the contribution of your learning to real-world business performance.

An integrated learning development solution

One platform to plan, design and monitor your learning

The Producer Suite gives you the tools you need to develop your learning, from start to finish. Build a detailed learning plan, design and develop your learning and monitor your results with one consistent set of tools.

  • Work consistently from design to delivery
  • Track and manage projects with agile tools
  • Identify and align key stakeholders
  • Create learning that delivers real-world solutions
  • Easily deploy, manage and refine your learning

Go further with ACADEMY

Alone or as a part of the Producer Suite, ACADEMY  is a powerful learning delivery platform helps you get your project up and running quickly and easily and lets you take full advantage of the power of adaptive and data driven learning.

Built around delivering learning that leads to real-world results, ACADEMY gives you access to action learning journeys and applied learning tasks to help your learners build the skills and competencies that matter to your business. 

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