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Too many organisations are constrained by what their Learning Management System (LMS) can do. By using xAPI and an LRS, you can truly personalise your learning for your people, collect business insights, and create targeted learning. Best of all, your learners aren’t stuck inside your LMS. You can take learning to them, wherever they are.


We were honoured to be asked to present at the Instructional Design and eLearning (#IDeL)  meetup in Sydney. We captured the outcomes of the meet up, and a summary of xAPI & Learning Ecosystems in a handy little digital experience.

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What is xAPI?

ExperienceAPI (xAPI) is a standardised specification for tracking learning experiences. ANY learning experience.

xAPI will track modules delivered to learners via an LMS, but that's just the start. xAPI is flexible enough to record almost any learning activity – face to face training courses, webinars, podcasts, mentoring and coaching sessions, short courses, micro credentials... any learning, anywhere.

xAPI is also a much more granular specification than SCORM. It tracks more than completions, passes and fails. Question responses, skills assessments, knowledge gaps, common misconceptions - all can be tracked via xAPI.

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What is an LRS?

Once you have started collecting your learner’s experiences using xAPI data, you need somewhere to store it. This is where the Learning Record Store (LRS) comes in.





Unlike an LMS, an LRS isn't accessed by the learner - it's a warehouse for all data collected during the learning. It doesn't matter where the learning took place... the xAPI data will flow through to the LRS.

When all your learning data is in the same place, you can start to figure out what it all means.

xAPI + LRS - What can I do with it?

Once all your data is centrally stored, the real magic happens.

Want to know if your Sales Refresher Training had any impact on overall sales? Use xAPI to import your sales data into the LRS and you can start to look at the correlation between your Sales Team's learning outcomes and their sales performance. Trying to work out if your Management Training courses are helping to improve overall employee wellbeing? Import your employee satisfaction survey data into your LRS and find out!

xAPI and an LRS are the tools you need to show a return on your investment in learning.




You want to get started with xAPI?

Here’s where we can help. Our team has over 5 years experience with xAPI, and we have learnt a lot on our journey, and we want to share it with the learning community.

Free xAPI & Learning Ecosystem Workshop

Not even sure what xAPI is all about? - We offer a free introduction workshop to xAPI and Learning Ecosystems for your team. In this workshop we will cover, what xAPI is, how you can use it to analyse learning performance and how it can be used to create learning ecosystems for your organisation. We bring it all together by whiteboarding what elements you might include for your businesses learning ecosystem. 

Start with a Pilot -  Try out xAPI 

Interested in trying out xAPI? Have a learning project coming up? We can help you conduct an xAPI pilot. Implementing xAPI into your organisation should be an evolution, not a revolution. Start small with a pilot program or focus on what xAPI can tell you about your learning content. Then take what you learn, adapt as required, and grow over time.  


Use Guroo Producer’s LRS to collect data on your learner's progress and engagement. We’ll help you set it up, and we’ll create reports and dashboards in our LRS that you can access at any time to gain insights into your learner’s activities.
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Grow Your Learning Ecosystem

If your organisation is ready to start growing your learning ecosystem using xAPI and an LRS, Guroo Producer can help you with:

  • Analysing your learning data requirements and scoping your xAPI ecosystem
  • Evaluating and selecting the right learning record system
  • Evaluating and selecting xAPI compliant learning tools
  • LRS implementation support
  • Evaluating and planning for integrating your existing tools and systems into your LRS
  • Designing and configuring LRS dashboards

Start Creating Your Ecosystem