Guroo Producer

Guroo Producer creates powerful, personalised experiences for every learner. 
We support education providers and businesses to deliver beautifully immersive self-paced, blended, and work-integrated adaptive learning.


Who are we? We’re a team of talented, passionate learning designers and technologists inspired to make eLearning more personalised, engaging, relevant, agile and affordable.
It’s no small task, but we’re confident we’ve assembled the best learning design expertise, adaptive learning technology and an online production tool to ensure your learners always get the personalised experience they deserve, and you get the transparent, pain-free project experience you need.
Personalised Experience for Every Learner

Personalised Experience For Every Learner

We say it a lot, but personalisation is our priority. But, are you struggling to deliver the personalised pathways your learners deserve? Is your current learning provider unable to create affordable, adaptive eLearning solutions that truly engage your people and transform your business? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Guroo Producer, we create adaptive and immersive scenarios, interactive videos, coaching aids and digital workbooks that respond to your people’s unique capabilities, motivations and requirements. Is it time to get personal?

Sectors we know and love

Our Guroo Producer team collectively has over 75 years’ experience building award-winning eLearning solutions for businesses, not-for-profits and education. What do all our partners have in common? They invest in their people to succeed. If you are in financial services, retail & hospitality, telecommunications, community services, sales & service, higher education or any sector that puts people capability at the heart of what you do, we’d love to discuss how we can help you.

Affordable eLearning Magic in Weeks

Affordable eLearning Magic in Weeks… Not Months

We hear you. Creating personalised learning is often challenging, and usually means paying for expensive custom content developers, absorbing all the associated risks and delays, or struggling with a complex, confusing authoring tool that’s just not up for the challenge.

Our agile approach to eLearning production means you get better learning outcomes, with less project headaches and risk. The inbuilt smarts in our adaptive learning engine, combined with the learning design canvas and collaborative review tools in our production platform, enables us to create personalised eLearning experiences that are always aligned to your business goals in weeks, not months. Is it time to get up to speed?

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