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Guroo Academy empowers education institutions, short-course providers and businesses to scale their programs online while maintaining quality and effectiveness. Deliver online and blended programs, get deeper data insights, and transfer learning into action with social learning, tasks and coaching.



Simple, speedy implementation

Simple, speedy implementation

No complicated implementations so you can deliver your learning programs quickly.
Seamless blended learning journeys

Seamless learning journeys

Easy to follow, learner-centred, blended journeys.
Transfer learning into practice

Transfer learning into practice

With integrated action learning tasks, coaching and journals its easy to turn to learning into real-world outcomes.
Unprecedented data insights

Unprecedented data insights

Leverage the power of xAPI to understand learner behaviour and get deeper learning insights.

“The ability to measure capability and the success of the project through xAPI has helped our coaches personalise their follow up and give our Store Managers the support they need.”

Clay Shearan
Program Manager - Team Experience | Woolworths Group

“Using Guroo Academy, we were able to bring our learning to life and deliver our programs to our customers. The simple user interface reduced our reliance on external vendors, allowing us to create an engaging learning experience that was truly our own.”

Martin Greenless
Learning Solution Director | Kleu

Guroo Academy Features

Whether you're supporting your employees or growing your education business Guroo Academy is a simple, streamlined mobile-friendly platform that reduces the barriers to access and increases engagement.

Digital Learning Journal and Action Plan

By embedding reflective questions and action planning throughout your program’s learning experiences, learners are encouraged to reflect and develop a plan for applying their new skills within the flow of the learning. Their reflections and planned actions are collated in the Learning Journal and Action Plan, ensuring they complete the program armed with a plan for applying their new skills in the workplace.


Facilitate Blended Short Courses

Guroo’s Academy is perfect for supporting the delivery of blended short courses. Use the portal to deliver pre-work and preparation materials to participants, so that when they arrive for their face-to-face course they are well prepared and familiar with the subject matter. Maximise the value of classroom time by focusing on scenarios, simulations and team-work, and collect data from the participants during the course to help facilitators adapt and customise their program to suit each cohort of participants.


Support Coaching Programs

Create truly blended learning programs that encompass digital learning, face-to-face training, coaching and mentoring. Simple dashboards enable coaches to view all learner interactions and activity in one place including their progress, scores, assessments, and action plans to take back and apply in the workplace.


Other Guroo Academy Features

Engaging Learning Journeys

Create engaging linear or open digital learning journeys.

Learning insight dashboards

Get deep access to learner capability, progress and question responses.

Action Learning Tasks

Embed learning into practice with action learning projects and tasks. 

Learning Campaign Emails

Increase engagement by sending learning campaign emails, reminders and updates.


Supports webinar sessions, including Zoom. 

Digital Learning Journals

Encourage reflective practice in the flow of learning using digital learning journals.

Personalised Learning Goals

Learners can set personalised learning goals at the start of every program.

Social Learning

Create engagement through discussions and social learning activities.

Blended Learning

Integrate classroom learning with eLearning and action learning tasks.

Resource Library

Create a searchable resource library of videos, documents and links.

Coaching Dashboard

Assign a coach to each learner and give them actionable discussion points and  insights.

Facilitators dashboard

Give facilitators real-time data insights into class performance to personalise their facilitation.

Learning Catalogue

Create a browsable catalogue of learning programs.

Quick Set up

Get your very own learning academy up and running in hours not weeks. 

Easy access with SSO

Google sign in, SAML make sign-on easy. 

Embedded LRS 

Embedded with a Learning Record System, or integrates with your LRS.

Issue Credentials 

Integrate with CredlyAcclaim and automatically issue badges.

Mobile Friendly 

Responsive UI for desktop, tablet and mobile. 

Deliver Interactive Learning

Deliver adaptive and interactive learning from PRODUCER.

Bulk Import Learners

Bulk import learners form a spreadsheet.

Social Platform Integration

Integrate with popular social platforms like slack and whats app.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Guroo Academy pricing work?

Pricing is based on the number of learners and comes included with access to PRODUCER. The more learners the bigger the discount per learner.

Do I need to understand xAPI data in order to gain insights into my learning program?

No. Our standard and custom dashboards interpret all the xAPI data that we collect from the learning experiences and present it back to you in a simple, easily understood format.

How long does set up take?

We can have your site set up in less than a day ready for you to load you digital content, create your journey and enrol your learners.

Will my learners understand what they need to do?

The interface is super simple with the focus on the learning. To date, we have not had a single learner request assistance in navigating the interface.

Do I need an LRS to use Guroo Academy?

Nope! We can create an LRS instance that segments and secures your data. If you implement your own LRS in the future, we can transfer all the data we’ve collected to your own LRS.

Do I need a CredlyAcclaim account to issue badges?

No, if you don't have or want a CredlyAcclaim account we have our own internal badging system you can use instead.

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