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Guroo Webinar - Micro-Credentials

These bite-sized, flexible and on-demand courses offer job seekers an easy way to develop new industry-specific skills and offer organisations a fast and effective way to up-skill or re-skill their employees.

If you missed out on the live session, catch up by watching the recording below. 

In this webinar, Guroo Producer’s Josh Humphries and Samantha Harris are joined by Global Director of Education at Blackmores Institute, Gill McEwen, to share our stories of how we developed two micro-credentials for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Assistants across Australia and Asia.  

We covered:

  • What are micro-credentials and and badges?
  • What are the benefits of micro-credentials
  • How Blackmores Institute uses micro-credentials to drive business outcomes
  • Using micro-credentials to build a life-long learning proposition in education
  • Tips for designing your own micro-credential


We've also pulled together some ideas for micro-credential learning journeys you can use in your organisation. Click here to access the document. 


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Samantha Harris
26 May 2021 1 Min Read

Realise lifelong learning through short courses that deliver ongoing impacts for individuals and industry.

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