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Micro-credentials. Small courses. Big impact.

Realise lifelong learning through short courses that deliver ongoing impacts for individuals and industry.

What are micro-credentials?

In a rapidly changing work environment, micro-credentials are emerging as the most practical way for educators to encourage ongoing education for both individuals and in organisations.


Increasingly, employers need people with up to date capabilities who are willing to participate in ongoing learning. Individuals are looking to show their competitive edge and continue to upskill themselves. This is the perfect opportunity for the education industry to form a meaningful relationship with industry but sadly many institutions are lacking a practical way to meet these needs.



We believe micro-credentials are the solution.

Micro-credentials are bite-sized qualifications that provide certified evidence of an individual’s skills and experience within a particular subject area. Micro-credentials are more than just a convenient way to upskill though, they offer significant benefits to industry and individuals as well as the educators that provide them.


Dos and Don'ts of B2B Micro-credentials

Download the list now to discover the things you need to know if you're interested in utilising micro-credentials.

Why micro-credentials might be the answer for you?

Corporate organisations are beginning to see the value in ongoing education. They know that providing training for their employees will increase their engagement, improve their chances for success in a changing workplace and maintain up to date knowledge of critical areas. However, these companies frequently lack the structure and knowledge to start programs that support their goals.

Micro-credentials offer educators a practical way to fill this need and effectively engage industry while also having a positive and ongoing impact with work-integrated learning. This Educator-to-Business model in particular allows learning to be embedded in the workplace at scale, often taking advantage of virtual and blended offerings.

However, these benefits also exist on a more personal level. Micro-credentials can provide a pathway to further education and students can even help to increase the awareness and viability of these programs as they proudly display their achievements wherever they can.

What makes our Micro-credentials different?

Our micro-credentials are designed to help both business and educators.


Adaptive Learning

Enjoy a personalised experience and increased engagement for all learners

Action Learning

Tie learning to real world examples

Data Driven Facilitation

Use data to focus on what is important for your learners

Coaching & Embedding

Encourage real skill transfer within the workplace

Socially Shareable Badges with Credly

Grow your course through word of mouth marketing

Onboarding for learner success

Start your courses on the right foot for learners

Seamless learning journeys

Easy to follow, learner-centred, blended journeys

Deliver on our Academy or your LMS

Experience flexible delivery of your courses where it suits you

How micro-credentials work for AGSM@UNSW

AGSM@UNSW Business school and Guroo Producer partnered to create and deliver a suite of 14 micro-credentialed programs utilising blended and adaptive learning approach, delivered virtually with the facilitation personalised through learner insights provided by the Guroo Academy portal.

The programs have been a huge success, with AGSM enrolling 250 new learners a month and achieving a 4.5 star learner experience. 

Read Case Study

Magnus Gittins, AGSM Director of Executive Education, had this to say about how they are delivering micro-credentials through the AGSM Navigator hosted on Guroo Academy.

Want to launch B2B Microcredentials?

If you believe that micro-credentials might be a good solution for you, there can be a lot to learn. That's why we created a simple list of the things you need to know before you get started. These dos and don'ts can help you to:


  • Identify key elements to develop your own micro-credentials course or evaluate corporate offerings for your organisation
  • Offer practical advice to further optimise micro-credential courses and your results
  • Discover the mistakes that will cost you time and money and impact on the effectiveness of your program.

Who is this download good for?

This download can help corporate organisations who are looking to revolutionise their development program or educators who are looking to engage with industry through micro-credentials.

Dos and Don'ts of B2B Micro-credentials

Download the list now to discover the things you need to know.

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